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Dating Cafe [Hanako Kabukicho]


A Dating CAFE IS SO HOT! So I went to Kabukicho store.

When I went there for the first time, I went there around 11:30 PM, but I was kicked out because it was closing soon.

We are open until 12: 00 at night, so you have to be in around 11 PM.

The system costs 5,200 yen for 1 hour, with an extra charge for every 30 minutes.

You pay to be guided to a private room. However, even though it is a private room, you can hear the voice of the next room if you speak loudly because the upper part is completely clear.

Is it easy to say that the room is a little better for enjoying?

When I was waiting in the private room, the first girl appeared.

This is my first time, so I don’t know the flow well, so I will ask a lot of questions.

*Girls do different things.
*The type of customer wants to drink, make a lover, erotic
*The price of erotic drugs is generally fixed.
*Some girls get paid by the hour.

I know this.

The first child is fat but has a pretty face.

It was subtle, but I had it done by mouth for now.

Hmm, that was just pinsaro.

With only 30 minutes left, the 2nd day girl appears.

She was a gal, and she was paid by the hour.

He said he would only do it by hand, but he didn’t have any particular motivation, so he just talked.

I changed the line just in case, but it didn’t connect at all.

It seems impossible to come to meet someone.

My impression is that it is a restaurant aiming for an unexpected event with a basic strong and pin-salo style.

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