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[soap] I went to Cecil, a popular shop in Kawasaki.


This is my first time trying a soap from Kawasaki Horinouchi. Compared to Yoshiwara, there is less NN and the impression that rubber is needed.

Other than that, I have an image that the age group is high, but of course there are young restaurants too. This time, I went to “Cecil” which is popular among young children.

There is an online reservation system, but when I booked a reservation for a tall child, it was cancelled and I was told “Please call the store and ask the reason.”. There is something like that, but I went to the store directly in the evening anyway.

I chose Yuko-chan who looks like a gal when I was taught a girl who could guide me with less waiting time. 19,000 yen for 60 minutes.

In terms of the price, I think it’s a good deal. When I saw it face to face, it didn’t feel strange because it didn’t have a magic touch.

There is no mat because it is a 60 minute course, but it was quite good as it was a lot and was erotic. He changed his posture three times: in the riding position, in the back, and in the normal position. The shape of the breast is good and the sensitivity is good.

This store seems to be selling itai-chakis, so I am thinking of trying other kids too.

I want to go to Yoshiwara “Côte d’Azur” of the same group, and the soap is quite deep.

I think it has been continuing since the Edo period.

Recently, short cuts, tall stature, gal type, and strong type are becoming popular in me, so I want to go that way. I’m a little tired of Nogizaka and AKB series.


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