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[soap] Yoshiwara, Candy’s favorite girl.


I went to Yoshiwara’s soap after a long time.

This time I went to a sister shop of Chocolat, Candy.

The difference between chocolat (actual age) and candy (no age) is the price of the intermediate soap.

The feature of both is that the photos use actual photos (There is little panema.).

I paid 39,000 yen and entered a popular candy girl.

When I met him, he looked like he was in the picture, and his body was much thinner than I thought, and his breast was big, as the website says.

The love play is great and Matt is perfect. NS Comfortable.

In addition, there is also a cleaning ferra after launching. I have an impression that the work is very polite.

I was very satisfied with two shots being fired in the middle. She was a girl who entertained me a lot.

It ranks high in the satisfaction ranking of Japanese manners and customs.

I would like to develop the soap of Yoshiwara again.

(What is a soap boy like?)

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