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[2018] Yoshiwara Chocolat no Koharu 's evaluation [soap]


I went to Yoshiwara’s Chocolat which is ranked first in the intermediate soap ranking.

Shuttle service is available from Ueno and Asakusa. The price is 37,000 yen for 100 minutes plus 2,000 yen for nomination fee.

The price will be raised by 2,000 yen from this summer. There was a 5,000 yen discount on weekdays half a year ago, but recently there is no trend to lower the price.

After you enter the shop and have written a pledge, you pay 39,000 yen in advance. I’ll show you on time.

My first impression was that it was 30% less than taking a picture. They claim age is impersonable, but I’m not sure.

Maybe Yoshiwara Thorpe’s age law applies.

Compared to Delichel and others, girls had less crispiness.

The game wasn’t that exciting. Matt will play in the second round.

The negative point is that it was a bit like a job. The breasts were good, but my body is a little drooping, so I want you to squeeze more.

In general, I think 39,000 yen would be like this. I thought it was better than Beaujolais nouveau I went to Yoshiwara before.

It was much better than the feces soap from Hakata.

Next time, I would like to attack high-class stores around Rabian Rose.


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